American Electric Technologies Inc. (AETI) is one of the first companies to offer complete custom “through the door” designed electrical systems for the wind power industry, from grid tie up through the turbine, on shore and off, including:


  • LV & MV Power Generation, Conversion, Control, Distribution and Management Products
  • LV, MV & HV Startup, Commissioning and Maintenance Services
  • Construction Project Assistance and Equipment Refurbishment Services


Wind Farm & Turbine Products

AETI has been a major vendor of medium and low voltage electrical switchgear and control system products for more than 50 years. Our engineering team is able to translate wind farm designs into the optimal mix of power conversion and balance of system equipment for turbines and farms, including:

  • Permanent magnet generators up to 1200 hp. In addition, AETI is familiar with the control of doubly fed induction and direct drive generator systems.
  • 600/690 VAC UL/IEC converters custom applied up to 6MW.
  • Custom turbine pitch & yaw control units utilizing modular, scalable yet rugged programmable controllers.
  • 600/690 VAC UL/IEC power distribution units for integrated power protection and control for taking the turbine on and offline.
  • 38kV ANSI/IEC switchgear, along with the design of medium voltage collection grid systems.  In addition, we offer compartmentalized bus, remote operated control, reduced arc maintenance mode components and interior arc relaying systems to provide enhanced safety switchgear at far less cost than arc resistant switchgear.
  • Implementation of Backup UPS power systems and energy storage systems.
  • Design and implementation of met tower, hydraulic & electrical monitoring and data collection systems.


Wind Farm & Turbine Services

AETI has been a leader in providing high and medium voltage electrical system maintenance and testing services to the substation and industrial markets for more than 30 years. Our staff of over 20 technicians has performed a variety of studies, services and refurbishments all around the world, including:

Electrical yard and open or containerized substation design & build, along with their predictive and preventative maintenance.
Protective relay testing and calibration to ensure relays are setup properly per the engineered settings.
Ground grid test which includes ground resistance testing to ensure that the entire installation operates properly and safely.
Power system quality analysis and predictive load studies, to ensure total system integrity and the avoidance of the loss of millions in revenue from unplanned power outages.
Infrared analysis to ensure equipment connections are tight, and avoid the occurrence of loose connections that can lead to variety of failures at a high cost.
Cabling system design, analysis, construction, test and maintenance services.

Wind Farm Construction (Southern USA)

By leveraging AETI’s combination of products and services, we are able to manage multiple electrical project functions under one cost structure to provide full farm electrical engineering, procurement and construction services directly to farm developers and operators, as well as a subcontractor to EPCs, General Contractors and Wind Turbine OEMs.  Construction project capabilities include:

  • Procurement services. Our purchasing agents and project managers have excellent relationships with key electrical vendors that can be leveraged to temper pricing increases on major items, such as switchgear, transformers, generators, high voltage cable and terminations, UPS systems and lightning protection systems. We also purchase commodity materials, including conduit, fittings, wire, temporary power stations, and electrical boxes and manholes.  AETI is also able to leverage its vertically integrated operations to supply a variety of electrical commodity component parts as well.
  • Construction services. AETI is a full service electrical contractor that has performed heavy industrial work for over 30 years.  Our organization has designed, detailed and constructed dozens of wind farm projects, with project experiences spanning substation construction, overhead and underground line construction and high voltage distribution systems, all successfully completed on time and within budget.


As a diversified corporation able to leverage engineering and manufacturing in North & South America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, AETI is ready to provide localized solutions for your global platform needs quickly and effectively.


AETI Wind Solutions Overview