Solar Solutions

The solar industry is growing globally while also quickly moving towards grid parity energy production costs.  Not only are there increased demands for greater system performance, reliability and safety across a twenty year project, there is also greater emphasis on effective utility grid integration and greater municipal authority acceptance for 1000 Volt utility grade & scale solar farm solutions that maximize solar power capture and are designed and built by bankable equipment and services suppliers.

When defining company bankability in the context of utility scale solar farms, AETI exceeds the measure as a diversified-market company that has supplied to over 150+ significantly larger customers for over 65 years without incurring the fiscal consequences of any customer – our long term financial success and hence company bankability is based upon extensive use of global codes, practices & standards to deliver high quality products on time and within budget – our products and services are something the traditional energy industries have come to bank on.

As the global market leader for Power Delivery Solutions, American Electric Technologies, Inc. (AETI) has 65 years of medium voltage AC & DC equipment and services experience to bring to the solar industry, which includes American design innovation and global harsh-duty-environment manufacturing construction for solar inversion and utility interconnection systems, solar combiner fuseboards and solar farm central substations, for the next generation of utility grade & scale multi-megawatt solar farm projects.

1.0 and 1.5 MW 1000 Volt UL 1741 Integrated Solar Inversion Stations (ISIS™)

ISIS is the industry’s first true utility-grade integrated solar inversion station:

  • ISIS is the world’s first 1.0 and 1.5 MW 1000 Volt Integrated Solar Inverter Station witness-tested and approved to UL 1741 Year 2010 and CPUC DC GFCI Standards.
  • ISIS is the highest performance system, obtaining up to 15% more watts per string using unipolar PV array designs, which saves up to 5 cents per watt over bipolar PV array designs.  ISIS two-tiered DC fusing system enables PV input to AC output hot-run-ratios of greater than 1.35 without incurring inverter power module damage.
  • ISIS is the highest reliability system using a three-tier UL design, manufacturing & witness-test approval approach: UL 508C listed power conversion modules, UL listed IEEE 1547.1 interconnect relay and TUV UL 1741 system approval at 1000 Volts. 
  • ISIS is the lowest tare loss system, with heating & cooling tare loss from 100 to 3,500 watts, using a liquid pump and redundant fan cooling system that results in the industry’s widest temperature range from -40°C to 60°C, with no de-rating of output power until 50°C, even in peak solar sunshine.
  • ISIS is the highest reliability 1.0 or 1.5 MW 1000 Volt inverter that can be optionally integrated with a high-efficiency 1.0 or 1.5 MW dry-type 15 or 38 kV step-up transformer and 15 or 38 kV collection grid or substation utility interconnection system.
  • ISIS is the safest system, using integrated dead-fronted DC & AC disconnects to provide complete power circuit load break and reduce the arc flash, resulting in NPFA 70E PPE Level 1 clothing that requires no special suit to take the inverter off the grid.
  • ISIS is the only 1.0 down to 0.0 pf four-quadrant system for dynamically injecting VARs to shore up the grid voltage at that point regardless of real solar power input, along with soft-start-up of power in the morning and after significant solar cloud fades.  
  • ISIS’ is the only system designed & constructed to NEMA, NEC, UL, ANSI, IEEE, NFPA and OSHA codes, practices and standards to offer significant regulatory design conformance, operating site conformance and avoidance of electrical accidents and fires.

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1200 Volt Osirus™ Combiner Fuseboards

AETI has developed a UL 1741 compliant 1200 Volt solar combiner fuseboard for use with ISIS Integrated Solar Inversion Stations.  Osirus is designed to take full advantage of the maximum input operating range of ISIS up to 1200 Volts, and utilizes a NEMA 3R AETI proprietary-paint galvanized steel enclosure, pre-wired harness with PV string connectors pre-installed, and a 250 Amp 1200 Volt rotary disconnect switch with lockout. 

The fuseboard is available in multiple string count options from 8 to 48 string pairs when feeding the 2 to 24 input circuits of ISIS.  PV string current monitoring options, tracker control integration and field power control options are available.  The fuseboard can also be equipped with an outdoor duty 120 VAC outlet with GFCI for PV array maintenance and servicing.


15 and 38 KV Farm Central Substations

For multi-megawatt solar projects beyond 2 MW, where the ISIS utility interconnect system outputs are collected into a medium voltage central substation for connection to the utility’s distribution network, AETI also provides modular ANSI C.37 NEMA 3R duty medium voltage central substation systems with any number of farm collection breakers with multi-function protective relays, IEEE 1547 interconnection relays, disconnect switches and revenue grade meters, PTs and CTs.  AETI solar farm central substation configurations are available in 15 kV configurations (12.47, 13.2, 13.8, 14.4 and 15 kV) and 38 kV configurations (33 kV and 34.5 kV). In addition, additional compartments can be added to the substation to house other hardware, such as SCADA, security, fire, weather station, communications and other information technology components.


PV Panel to the Utility Grid Electrical Services

AETI offers a variety of solar farm electrical services, from the PV panels through the combiners, inverters & substations to the grid, to assure successful solar power production.  AETI’s 30+ power services technicians provide solar farm equipment start-up & commissioning, warranties and extended warranties, preventative maintenance & part spares programs and emergency on demand services. AETI can also provide electrical start-up & preventative maintenance services for the solar farm infrastructure, including PV panel to combiner, combiner to inverter, inverter to substation and substation to the grid wiring and cabling. AETI offers our full set of services with 24 x 7 global hotline, response and field support.

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