Solar Power Delivery Solutions

The solar industry is growing globally while also quickly moving towards grid parity energy production costs.  Not only are there increased demands for greater system performance, reliability and safety across a twenty year project, there is also greater emphasis on effective utility grid integration and greater municipal authority acceptance for 1000 Volt utility grade & scale solar farm solutions that maximize solar power capture and are designed and built by bankable equipment and services suppliers.

When defining company bankability in the context of utility scale solar farms, AETI exceeds the measure as a diversified-market company that has supplied to over 150+ significantly larger customers for over 65 years without incurring the fiscal consequences of any customer – our long term financial success and hence company bankability is based upon extensive use of global codes, practices & standards to deliver high quality products on time and within budget – our products and services are something the traditional energy industries have come to bank on.

As the global market leader for Power Delivery Solutions, American Electric Technologies, Inc. (AETI) has 65 years of medium voltage AC & DC equipment and services experience to bring to the solar industry for the following customers:

  • Solar Farm Financiers & Power Generation Utilities
  • Solar Farm PV Panel OEMs
  • Solar Farm Developers and Engineering, Procurement & Construction Firms
  • Solar Farm Operations & Maintenance Firms

AETI partners with these customers in the following ways:

  1. Partner with solar farm financiers, utilities and PV OEMs to develop and implement custom and integrated power conversion, protection and control DC & AC equipment for direct delivery to the pad.
  2. Partner with solar farm developers and EPCs to develop and implement custom combiners, power inversion, collection switchgear, central substations and grid interconnection.
  3. Partner with operations & maintenance firms to provide electrical assessments, construction, installation, start-up and commissioning during the build of the farm, along with custom combiners, power inversion, collection switchgear, central substations and grid interconnection and the farm electrical maintenance, repair and refurbishment services.

AETI products and services offered for solar farm development projects include:

  • Custom UL 1741 compliant 1200 Volt solar combiners with monitoring & control systems
  • 1.0 and 1.5 MW 1000 Volt UL 1741 integrated solar inversion systems
  • 15 and 38 kV ANSI C.37 utility interconnection transformer & switchgear systems
  • 15 and 38 kV ANSI C.37 solar farm central substations with integrated SCADA systems
  • Solar farm electrical design, construction, installation & commissioning services
  • Solar farm electrical maintenance, repair & refurbishment services
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